E ola loa me ka pōmaika‘i


we’re like a night and day, both exists yet we never meet in same time space dynamics.

mike is a well known craftsman specializing in woodwork, social, outgoing, and married with his work.  storypoles@gmail.com

na(h)oka is a clairvoyant, lover of the nature, blogger, and her strong suit is a bonding with the Great Mystery.   nahoka@yahoo.com

Original ~ Handcrafted ~ Made on Kaua`i, Hawaii ~WoodCrystals and more

All of his crafts are one of the kind!

Custom made wood furnitures


Monkeypod Slab; various sizes and shapes


eiko and toshiaki

Great for Feng Shui, massage, and energy work

Bring a warmth and inspiration of the Nature


photo 3 (3)

Good use as a coaster, paper-weight, pedestal, and display

Calming object to sooth your home and office

Ohia Blessing sticks


photo 1 (15)

Ohia sticks from the Hawaiian legend of Lehua and Ohia eternal lovers  



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