why is this?

no matter how my mind wish to be with my mate, why is this?  he gets so much attention from outside of us… and he is gone again having conversation outside of this hale…

and while he is here, doing something to this space, he does not care in frustration he is using the word of fuck and i’d better not to say any comment on it, but immediately he steps out and someone is asking for his help… and he is a different person… happily he is engaging with these people, and is this the way for us?

maybe so… it’s just it is but still i have funny feeling within me… basically what is this?

pls help me to accept what it is as it is… i am not here to change him, but ahhhh…i wish our energy is more in sync… or maybe this is too much the asking… ahhhh… i am bitter inside again !


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