it does feel like an endless summer

currently outside temperature is 85 degree and entire this week seems hit above 84… it feels like an endless summer looping…

i brought myself to my sandy spot at noon which is rare and out of my routine… and somehow as i type this because of the foundation is shaking on a soft carpet, my Mac is dancing with my hand motion of typing… very wired…

am i in an endless vacation?

this is the space where i could raise whichever the directions i would choose to climb, right?

reading my astrology chart says i am outgoing and have many friends and where is these people hiding from my presence?  my encounter is strictly with animal kingdom in the nature, and humanity smiles and waves back to me… is this the way my life rolls?  and it seems it has been this way for so many years and i do not know if this is just the way it is or am i dreaming this way so it’s a constant state of being a seed of potential?

let me make a wish to this new moon… ha… funny to say, as i view myself as the wishing star, i wonder can wishing star make a wish to herself?

never mind… here u go… publishing a story of mt. namolokama; a home of the rainbow warriors by nahoka is my wish

so be it, so shall be

and here is something, i would like to further its understanding…connecting the dot, one at the time to the Great Spirit.

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