i am so glad…

my deep appreciation goes to you, whatever the name you has been called, and i am glad my choosing of graduating from your resonance…

so much has been learned and there is more to learn, yet for me personally, in reverence and humbleness, i am so glad to letting you go…

knowing what is good and what is not is my learning lesson continuing on, my soul’s search and quest…

thru trial and error, and still pushing myself to the edge of unknown, i am learning a new way of being gentle, being in flow, being in ease… hope this choice reflect on my mate’s consciousness as well as people around me, whether they are strangers or our tribe, but in trust, when we live our unique resonance, our individual belief and conviction, and live fully from our truth, we are it, we are the one and we all contains and never separate from this resonance…

how to live mystical life in this real life of materialistic world has so much to discover, yet i trust my higher wise self to just keep writing… more i write, stronger i feel my connection with the Source…

and my next lesson is saying yes to my invitation of music… and trust this… no one stops me to expressing who i am to be… only the fear which afraid of fear stops this flow by impersonate as someone else.

Courage is a bravely of the heart !

And i almost forgot to mention this… as the sun arise from the east skies, a pod swam by, yes NAIA… how i missed their resonance… i am so grateful for this life and my deep connections with animals and the nature




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