my well is full

be what i am mean to be…

my life and my mate’s life is like a night and day… our path has crossed… both are essential to create a wholeness of the DAY… however we never meet in same time space line… and maybe this is the WAY…

… what i am is… a clairvoyant

as soon as i bring light into this, there is a counter flow which i [pərˈsēv] = pe.receive…

then, this may be a pace of ‘void’ which my soul/spirit would like to discover…or not…

keeping myself in a clear water as this morning’s clear light reflecting onto mother ocean…

is this so, more clear it becomes, more flightening to the ego?

the ocean was absolute with rays of morning light… vast, empty and at same time, it is full and whole… and i am here… then, a taste of fear or say, inner knowing or simply a sign, feeling it’s my time to swim back to the shore… ocean knows me very well… even i am on a surf board… even i saw a posted sign saying ‘shark sighted’… beauty of the sea takes my breath away… i want to be there/here forever… yet some how, this taste of separation, no this word does not apply any longer… is this because my sacral center is a lilly white as a human design system explains (how we see, that we manifest is my lesson here) but am i translucent enough, and my presence / my resonance allow my humanness to exist in where a cross road happens?  and i am merely a mirror to my reflection (a person in front of me or whoever i am relating with in this current moment)?

… if so, what is my choice in this materialistic world where my mate and my boy anchor themself very well as so their bond is tight and where i am thin… who is my tribe?  or am i a lone wolf as i have been always ever since i was a child?  and if so, how could i contribute in this community?  of my gift? of my medicine?

my dear neighbor lady says, “unless we heal ourself, we cannot heal anyone” which translates “when we heal us, this resonance becomes a gift to others”… could this be my role in this life?

how could i be sure?

no mind knows or say, our ordinally mind is great at functioning thru the real life stuff, yet in a ream of where MYSTERY live, medicine of LYNEX is my guide…

and as always, where my perception seeks others’ wisdom, it is always delivered when i am ready to receive… a wise sage once says; “when a student is ready, a teacher appears.”

And as i read an article of the LYNEX above, i remember how I was isolated as I speak my insights to people around me even i was a small child…  they do not liked what i have spoken… it seems i go straight to the conclusion and emit all the between stories where this real life live, where a storytellers tell the story to share their wisdom and allowing others to learn with their own timing without frightening nore upsetting them which my mate is very good at…

my lesson … is observe, is to listen, and be silent until someone who is truly ready and seeks a Guidance of the Great Medicine (or Force, Goddess, Life, Universe, whatever the name you call this resonance with) and allowing myself to be in a space where i could be constantly clear and able to hear the Guidance in purest way it is…

As always, information is everywhere, and what we seek is right in front of our own eyes… open the SELF to a Great Mystery and “re.member (re~unite)” who we are… (review your Natal Chart)










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