shark medicine

…current of the Sea is very powerful this morning as the large rainfall merged to her water, ebb and flow intensified as if calling for the Kaikane and Kaiwahine (means in Hawaiian, Ocean Men and Ocean Women), for me as if the water is saying; “stay within your comfort zone”, and as I listen her wisdom, choosing to take a long walk thru the Jungle to the next sandy beach where school of crabs hide and seek… then i realized that all these tiny spots on the sand were actually their foot steps!  And as if my presence were sudden and surprise, from smaller ones to big ones, they ran very quickly as my big foot landed to their sanctuary (and it is exactly same to a pod of fishes swim near by the sand, as my gaze focus on them, they quickly move away yet as I stay still, they relax and BE the way they are…mmmm… good lesson to me, to be CALM and GRACEFUL with each and every breath)…

…anyway, I love watching crabs!  They are amazing creatures.  Do you know they can walk on the water?  And even when a large wave come over them, they can stay still on the rock, or they can swim under the water, or more mysteriously, a King of the Crab I met today resonate with the Masterly of his Art.

As the Sharma bird sings his morning songs on the Kamani branches, I watch the KING.  He was surrounded by his tribe or say his family, yet he emerces his presence. resonating in a purest of purest.  He was easily recognized, as his energy echos with Royalty.  There is no doubt but he is the Master of his Presence.  And he knows this on his castle rock, surrounded by his royal family and warriors.

He moved very slowly to a corner of the rock below him, then, tack his legs and became totally still.  As I watched him, I felt a resonance of scorpion which I only met at a local zoo many years ago.  “Even they express themselves in a different form, their core essences are very similar.”, I though.  Then, I felt him emerging into his environment… and became the ROCK.  Translucent; maybe we all are this.  When we becomes very still, we become a veil of resonance, become one with the Nature itself.  DO YOU FELL THIS?

This title of the blog is more suitable saying “Animal Medicine” as my Path’s calling of the Shamanism ( haha … a large truck just drove by making a big engine sounds… it’s so common now, when I identify or assume something, the noise outside gets louder which is a good reminder to never never assume (means making ass of myself) anything, and be humble and keep learning…)

Anyway, let me step back to a previous day.  It was almost a decade ago, when I was swimming at a dolphin bay, instead of cute laughing creatures, it was three reef sharks surrounded me in circular motion, and of course, I was in their home, and I maybe the one stepped in their teritory without being aware, but I really really got panicked and did not know what I would do, either stay still or swim slowly to the shore without looking them behind, which I choose the secound option… as soon as my foot touch the sand, I ran to the ROCK WALL, then vomitted in fear.  Ever since, whenever I am in a rough water or unfamiler ocean teritory, a voice within me says; {SHARK} then, of course, I head a direction to the sand to land on it…

Then, I was curous late last night, as a few days ago, while the calm ocean invited me to paddle out, as soon as I head a direction of the Mountain (which is the opposite of the Sunrise), a voice echo inside saying, “Shark” then, I watch myself feeling anxious…then, as a habit, I exit water to the sand… how our Consciousness is programed by either fear or love or even both are mysteirous to resolve.

So, this morning, after amazing encounter with KING of the CRAB, I sat in front of my Mac, searching for a meaning of “Shark Medicine” which was : [Sharks medicine includes the hunter, survival, adaptability, Independence, Potential, Adaptation, fearlessness, protection, power, emotional transformation, balance, clairaudience. For more, pls visit this site]

This echo with me deeply as I had a honor meeting with a young beautiful lady who is a shark whisper, a diver, a masseuse, and a jewelry maker at Kamani Swing which mike putted up on this years’ Father’s Day (2019).

Her Golden Brown Eyes are Magical… her Light casts no shadow as she speaks of her experience with the Sharks whom she took care of while she was in FL as their feeder.

Not like dolphins whom I swam with many times; as I know them as a pod creature, have only one baby during pregnancy (yes fetus stays within mom’s womb for 11 to 14 months), and after the birth, baby stays with the pod, constantly touching each other to ensure their comfort and safety.

As she said, the sharks are totally different in nature.  They usually don’t hang out as a group, especially larger sharks, and while they are still in their mother’s womb, usually 15 of them all together, as survival instinct kicks in and they eat each other! and after the birth, mom and pap are all gone and they are their own.

She says, she has no fear being with them.

Her spirit of FEARLESSNESS reflects with shark medicine.

… living in the Jungle, every moments are magical beyond what words can express.  But somehow I am inbond as if when mike goes out for his daytime work, I came home from the Nature, then, stay in this room or say, a hale in the valley, it feels like a treehouse thou, to write like this while listening RY X and thanks for my Mac and abundance of Coconuts which nourish my body/mind/spirit daily… I love this simple life…and I hope I could stay living this way forever… or say learn to be in community more often, to be humble and loveable no matter what happening around me would be a next step of evolution while my love of the OCEAN is my purest love of all…until I return to the WATER, I wish my life would BE an ECHO of Her Essence; Ecstatic Elixier of Life.













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