welcoming the whale


a raise of the swell in north shore tells us so, it’s time again! yes, the whales are returning the island.  amazing creation of the mother nature, they will be wrapping around the island with their majestic view and an extraordinary song of love… and do you know, these songs are sanged by only the males, to call his love, to mate, and produce… and their music syncs all around this beautiful blue green planet of all seas, uplifting us to the next level of joy, happiness and co-creation.

we, the woodcrystals have been quiet, nurturing inwardly, and exploring unique nature of individuality in tribal and in collective, and reconnecting with vision of ONE LOVE ONE TRIBE calling love, peace and joy.  we, island ohana (means family in Hawaiian) calls this ALOHA XING, and it is our ongoing prayer and hope to live up to BE a part of this amazing movement.

we send our love from this Paradise, the Garden of Eden alive for all of you who found us, heard us, or even touch our handmade wooden crystals, and for all of you who will be a part of our OHANA, sharing  our HA (means in hawaiian, “Breath”) in this magical life!

Enjoy each and every moments and share this season of celebration with your family, friends in all ways in allways which makes you HAPPY and HAPPIER!

MUSIC is the MEDICINE, and here is for you 🙂

Follow the SUN by Xavier Rudd

Into the Sun by Sons of the East

Much love,

Mike & Na(h)oka



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