…when and where is up to the wood.

even Michael does not know what kind of wood are these, but this wood found us in kalihiwai bay.

someone must used this wood to make a bon-fire on a beach, when we found her, it’s surface was all burned and still hot from a fire.

so, Michael picked it up and cooled it down with the ocean water and let it dry for over a year…

when this wood transformed itself to the wood.crystal, this became three piece wood.crystals.

one of which was gifted to our friends Alison and Danny.

we named a larger one as “owl’….do you see a shadow of owl revealing herself on it?

as I commune with this ‘owl’, I could almost see her flying high in star full of night skies… gliding with her bright sharp eyes wide open, weaving a web of mystery in the valley of the kalihiwai, north shore of kauai…

meshing one with the mother nature, the owl knows all…she is one with totality…her mind is like a vast blackhole, nothing stands between her and divine essence…

“owl” and many of our wood.crystals will be showing at the Mana Fest this weekend at the Church of the Pacific… come feel them and see what stories ¬†will they reveal to you…aho

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