A writer/editor, Shannon Wianecki describe Hawaiian Sandalwood as Tree of Heaven, for thousands of years, spiritual aspirants in the Far East have used sandalwood as a bridge to the divine. To this day, Hindu smear fragrant sandalwood paste on their foreheads before meditating. Buddhists count prayers on sandalwood beads. Carvers turn the soft, sweet smelling wood into cabinets, toys and sacred statues. Ayurvedic doctors prescribe sandalwood oil to cure skin conditions, while the Karma Sutra praise its aphrodisiac powers. Sandalwood is reputed for both calming passions and stirring them. In Hawaii, it has mostly done latter.

Hawaiian sandalwood faded from the collective consciousness over the ensuring years. The once prized trees grew so rare that many islanders came to believe they were extinct. They are not.

It is our blessing to receive this rare sandalwood cutting from our dear friend to carve these sandalwood wood.crystals. This means so much to us… Michael and I are still discovering a path of the wood.crystals in humbleness and gratitude. May the wood.crystals remain our collective consciousness remembering our root deep down to this precious planet. Aho.

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