like koa and pheasant woods, milo wood is very precious and rare to the hawaiian island.

we would never knew the milo would come to us…it is a pure gift from the aina, when our dear friend Keoni at Kauai Carver presented his own milo which he has been drying and saving for 30 years.

as all wood-workers know, until the cutting is shaped and sanded, the wood would not reveal her beauty hidden deep within her… our wood.crystals are essence of her masculine expression…

Keoni is a master carver who has been creating tiki statues in decades, very resently told us that he is ready to carve feminine expressions of the woods bringing forward her beauty and sensuality, both Michael and I are overjoyed…  with his words, we are feeling a dynamic energy shift, awakening of a sleeping beauty, the divine feminine to guide the humanity with her grace and compassion to unite collective heart to weave an enriched life of peace and joy…

wood.crystals may be a little presence to echo with the divine feminine, but it is my prayer always to keep communicating with this beings to share their message of “tree of life”…aho





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