…how this all started

original .koa.wc

49 inch and a half, six fractal of koawood… this is how it’s started.

when michael met naoka, he knows nothing about a crystal.  he never saw it before, never had any interest on it at all.

it just started…when naoka was sitting on a back of el-camino in a wood-shop, there was a large koawood cutting…

michael got inspired to grab one of his biggest chain saw, then with his bare foot (no socks no boots just a hawaiian slip flop sandal on his foot), he started shaping it…

both naoka and michael had no idea what they were doing…

after lots of saw dust and many hours…a rough cutting of our first ‘wood.crystal’ was born.

what a crazy idea!

koawood is a precious high priced wood which many wood-makers use it to create furnitures, music instruments, watches and high-end art, but for michael and naoka, the wood transformed itself as a crystal.

giving life back, is what michael is always talks about.

a cutting of the wood will eventually return to dirt if no one use it, but his love for the wood, he sees beauty in all the wood and he is passionate about creating something unique and beautiful.

sure do, he is a master craftsman ever since he was still a little kid, he has been working with the wood, and when he was young, he was his large collection of precious woods.  he does know wood, and he knows how to bring magic out of it.

on other hand, naoka knows nothing about woods, except she loves it, she enjoy hugging it and climbing up on it.  it was just a pure curiosity of her side to watch michael cut this koa wood.

during the process, what she felt was a female star-being merging into this koa wood shaping.  she asked, “where are you coming from?” a reply was “orion”.

Orion, according from wikipedia, “Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky.[1] It was named after Orion, a hunter inGreek mythology. Its brightest stars are Rigel (Beta Orionis) and Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis), a blue-white and a red supergiant, respectively.”…mmm curious.

anyhow…we do not know why we are keep making these wood.crystals, but it is keep birthing thru michael’s hands.  he must created over 500 wood.crystals by now (our first one was shaped in 2012) , and most of them were gifted to our family and friends around the world.

wood.crystals are unique. no two are like. as michael shapes them by hands it takes time. we do not go out and cut trees to create them.  all cuttings come to us.  as we receive them, we make them.

wood.crystals are beautiful to watch. soothing to touch.  also they have a wonderful feel to it…very soothing…reminding us where we are all come from… a tree of life…rooted deep into our loving mother Gaia.

wood.crystals are great for meditation, healing and all types of energy work.  many of naoka’s clients enjoy holding small wood.crystals as they sleep.  they say it aids peaceful sleep and bring refreshing morning, in addition, use wood.crystals for pressure points, and this seems balance and improve flow of chi / qi.

wood.crystals are wonderful addition to your sacred alter.

who knows what benefit wood.crystals bring to  you, but once michael finishes wood.crystals, each of them are blessed and programmed by naoka with her prayer to activate, integrate and unpack multi dimensional divine blue print to this physical dimension now

we hope your journey will be enriched million folds as we present our love thru mana of the wood.crystals… aho












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