Wrapped around


Each and every one of us resonate in its own unique frequencies.

Knowing whicht note we play in this dynamic orchestra so call LIFE may help us to understand and surrender to existence much larger than this human self.

As I reflect my years, January is always a hard month to me and people around me.  A color of new year’s start had / has been a gray scale and this year again, I am repeating similar experiences.

Is it a struggle that occurs no matter what in a phase of ending and new beginning?  What am I holding on to?  Why am I not surrendering?

I want to see myself as a seed of creative expression however maybe this is only a wish of my mental state.  Maybe I am a clearing agent that clean, clean, clean….forever long… Cleaning is essential, but how much more to clean?  Where will it take us if and when we tap into a land of translucent?

I am again feeling like I am in a mirror world where inside and outside twist and oppose each other.  More LOVE in otherside of the mirror, more PAIN and SHADOW cast in this side of the mirror.  This side..other side…who is this I dividing these sides?

I have a fear that seeing myself just a refection of people around.

I have a fear that feeling that I am not here at all.

I have a fear that I am just a living dead… I am living forever yet I do not exist when no one is around me…

Slipped away from this real life, only one food this side other foot in invisible world…

Why do you like clean yourself INSIDE OUT?  You may want to re-consider.

There was a call “Come if you can”

Then, I responded.

Then, there is no going back.

I wish I did not move thru that door.

I wish I stay in ignorant.



If I could go back, let me go back…a place life was simple…be humble and be grateful…


(photo by Daniel Finchum)

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