Here is a shot of our super small WoodCrystal and two quarts crystals…thru north shore sunset…

Life has shifted our direction; creating art craft of the WoodCrystals to fine furniture WoodCrystals…or say, aligning our energy to meet customers’ demand to deliver their desirable wood pieces for their home and office furnitures.

It has been blessed serving the Design Concept in Kilauea and the Pacific Joiner in Kapahi continuing to establish good relationships with their needs and their clients’ wishes.

We are blessed to have everything and everyone to experience our blissful living.

As Michael says; “Right” living… that is what Life is showing us…

He is not a follower but a leader.

He knows what is RIGHT in his mind/heart/spirit.

Because he does not present himself above others rather stay with people to work harder to be a good example, he often bumps his head yet his shinning light is bright and brilliant leading our LIFE in full force.  I am so grateful for him.


Let us continue to experience a way of RIGHT LIVING…to bring harmony and abundance to all.


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