Me to We


mama kauai has been blessing us with her wetness past few days…

as our living style transited from a 22 foot yurt to no-wall / off the grid / tent life in the wildness, we are immersing ourself to the SLOW LIFE where our mind’s ¬†inspiration weaves color-full imagination of our next direction…

LIFE continuously ask us to LET GO…even pushed to take a break from creation of our WoodCrystals, our LOVE for them grow deeper…

A year of the WOODEN HORSE is enthusiastically demanding us to step up and be proud.

As a mirror reflection of ME – WE… We are reminded again and again to embrace this life from a view point of US…

Whether it is a quiet contemplation or passionate conversation or sweet love making, we are glad to be TOGETHER…sharing this precious LIFE here on the paradise…


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