extreme difference

isn’t life frightening or blissful?

and a difference is a thin veil

a difference in consciousness = energy = vibration = frequency = sounds = resonance = you name it whatever you prefer to call this

as i woke up in a nightmare

yet immediately as i step out the door

a world is still and peaceful

a difference is individual’s unique perception

whether one person choose “emotion in motion” and translate this in anger or otherwise, no one is causing him or her to be whatever the way they are… no outside force makes one sad or pissed off, choice is within, no one to blame nore complain…

i took a long morning walk … it was raining and cold… luckily, inside my car was a big towel which kept me warm as i walk my path… i am choosing this, waking up early and get rolling to be in the Nature, to feel myself in a quiet place before worlds get busy in motion…

the season is shifting

waves are getting bigger… only the one who knows what he/she is doing can ride them, in respect, in harmony, otherwise, watch out!  The Nature is powerful!

Jungle path was very muddy and slipperly… a young surfer was behind me and as i almost lost my balance, his gentle voice saying ; “are u all right?’ was almost surprising especially after early morning’s incidence waking up in my mate’s anger in raising fist

as i paddled out in a rough sea, a view opened up in front of me was a big colorful rainbow across the Makana mountains… it is absolutely a breath taking… as i letting the current to be in charge, several sea turtles surround me, of course, this area belong to LEOLANI Heiau, and my guidance pulled “Turtle” animal medicine card previous day, which means “Mother Earth”, I am receiving and learning from her everyday, and no longer a rushed state of mind, calling trust and calmness which I have so much to grow into, and hoping i could learn a rhythm of the ocean in comfort…

anyhow, i still get triggered by as i return to this hale… memory is a strange thing… even there is no one here at this now moment, still experience of what was happen pull me out from the Presence… Keep breathing… keep calling peace